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General Information

For the purposes of this agreement, the customer will be referred to as “you” and Spanish Villa Photography will be referred to as “us or SVP”.

The term “materials” used in the context of these Terms & Conditions, covers photographs, video, website designs and documentation in relation to your property.


This contract is governed by Spanish law and subject to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts of law.

Responsibility and Liability




Usage and Copyright

Deferral and Cancellation

Customer Satisfaction

Information Gathering and Usage

Data Storage


SVP may, from time to time, update these Terms and Conditions. SVP will notify you of any changes in the case that you have agreed to have work undertaken by SVP, but that work is still outstanding. SVP always link back to these terms and conditions on all of our quotations, so any customers receiving new quotations will have access to the latest version.


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