Photographing This Villa

This villa had recently been renovated to a high standard and was now ready to receive holiday guests. While it was important to show what all the rooms looked like, and what facilities were on offer, we wanted to emphasise the 'holiday in the Spanish sun' aspect of this house. For that reason, wherever possible, shots were taken with a view of the sunny outdoors featuring in some part of the photo, even if just a small part.

A flash of bright blue, either the sky through a window, or the turquoise of the pool lifts the aspect of the interior out of the ordinary into something eye-catching. A day was chosen when the sun was bright and the sky clear. The owners had worked hard to get the villa ready for its shoot by making sure everything was spick and span, setting out tables with wine and tapas, and putting flowers in the bedrooms - all those little things that go a long way to enhance the pictures of the property and as a result attract potential guests.

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