Photographing Rojo Rubí

Set in its own grounds with an ecological vegetable garden, fruit trees and vineyard, late spring was the ideal time to shoot the outside of this rental property - which we did on the first of our visits. The countryside was in full bloom with wild flowers, creating a vibrant setting for this initial set of photographs. A month or so later, once the house had been fully furnished and ready for clients, we returned to shoot the interior. Combining the two shoots in this way meant we could get the best final result for the client.

Our job was made easy as the property manager had prepared the house and everything was set out with great attention to detail. Our aim was to produce a set of images that would give a feeling of comfort and wellbeing when inside the property as well as showing the warmth, colour and beauty of the countryside when looking out from its terraces. Having the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance, acting as a backdrop, was a nice finishing touch.

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