Photographing Casa La Fragua

The location for this cottage was in the picturesque mountain village of Capileira, high in the Alpujarras. It was important that the images were in keeping with the style of the property and the neighbourhood. We wanted to retain the feel of charm and heritage of the property - it used to be the old village forge - while at the same time showing that it would be a comfortable holiday home. Houses built in the traditional Alpujarran style have small windows to keep the winter warmth in and summer heat out; posing a challenge for detailed photography. Bearing this in mind, we could apply technical knowledge to make the best of the natural light available while keeping everything authentic.

One of the main features of this cottage was the stunning vista over the Poqueira Valley. While this view could speak for itself in real life, without the appropriate photographic techniques the impact of the scene would be lost to potential clients. The landscape was shot using appropriate lenses to give the best panoramic effect, even capturing an eagle in mid-flight.

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