Photographing Gato Negro

Being a delightful little traditional house in the heart of the touristic town of Capileira, specifically for rental, we considered that the key requirement was to showcase not only the property, but also a little of the town and surrounding countryside to prospective clients interested in renting the property. The full shoot was done over a couple of days, giving us the best of the afternoon light for the interior, and returning and setting up for the exterior of the property the following morning.

In addition to the photographs done specifically for this owner, we also provided access to our collection of landscape and local area photographs to further enhance the final delivered set.

Photographing a smaller traditional town houses of this area of "Las Aplujarras" does present its own set of challenges. We have the usual lighting issues to contend with; bright summer sunshine outside and cooler shade on the inside. But in addition to this, finding the ideal positions from which to photograph some of the smaller rooms - without distorting the reality of the room size - can sometimes prove quite difficult, and a little bit acrobatic!

The final result was a set of sixty photographs bringing together the house, the town and the surrounding area. And once completed, we all enjoyed the beers and crisps props as seen in a few of the photographs...

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